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Secondary school and new friends

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Daydreamer01 Tue 17-Jan-17 21:39:55

Hi all, My DS started in a new area in September last year and all was going OK until after Christmas break and now he feels like he's being ignored by people in general or children are avoiding him. Its hard as he's only known them for 3 months and although he does have 3 or 4 boys he really likes some of them have other friends and he's not really in with them too. He said if its not better by Y8 can I go to the school my primary friends are at? which isn't that easy and we'd have to move house, we could do that but he probably wouldn't get in the school and its back to an area I don't really want to live. He's joined a couple of sports clubs but they haven't been going very long and he doesn't like football/rugby where a few of the boys are making firm friends. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Its exactly what made me nervous about moving in the first place. He likes the school and does like quite a few of the children, he just doesn't feel like he's one of them or completely settled.

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