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Working full time with no family support

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TheInternetIsForPorn Mon 16-Jan-17 17:16:50

I spoke to a company today about some possible interim home working admin support. They found me via my website. It turns out they are looking for someone to fill a full time role.

Normally I'd run from this as full time work doesn't fit with my wanting to be at home with the kids. And I'd need to let down my existing clients.

However, at the top of the salary range (which is what I'd ask for and my experience would warrant) it would be financially still beneficial versus childcare costs.

But taking away money it sounds interesting. It's a newish business but grown beyond startup, has a young team behind it, is the exact role I would be looking for, with room for career expansion, and I would be challenged from the off. It sort of appeals that when I'm with my kids I could switch off 'work mode'. At the moment, self employment doesn't allow that.

I'm tempted. They say that flexible working is something they can do.

But how would I make it work when I have two young children (one at school, one at nursery) and no family nearby. What about school holidays. How have others made it work?

Do you work full time because of financial necessity. If you work full time but it's just for you and to maintain yourself and your independence do you feel any guilt at not being home.

I'm very tempted, especially if I could negotiate a finish to do school collection/nursery pick up two or three times a week. But I'm wavering on the emotional front about to whether even apply.

Sorry that's long, but if anyone can share their experience I hope of inspiring a decision from me that'd be lovely.

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