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Can't cope with the tantrums!!

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JammyK Thu 22-Feb-07 19:49:42

My ds is nearly 2 and he's a lovely boy but has suddenly started having the worst tantrums. When we're out and he can't get what he wants he sits on the floor and cries. The problem is that he's a big lad and I can't move him because when I try he lifts his arms up so I can't get a grip of him. I've got a 3 week old baby and have been feeling very low as I can't get out anywhere because I'm frightened that ds will have a tantrum. I don't feel like I'm strong enough to cope with it but I'm going mad being stuck in the house. Any advice would be much appreciated.

tia2 Thu 22-Feb-07 19:59:05


novadandypowder Thu 22-Feb-07 20:34:51

Jammy, I have a 16mo and am just about to have another lo.

My dd can throw the best tantrums, I just leave her where she throws herself and let her get it out of her system for a bit. Stuff what anyone else thinks around you it's your child and none of their business as long as your ds is safe.

There are various tactics for dealing with tantrums:
Have a think about what sets him off. A lot of children get ratty when tired or hungry so maybe avoid going out when it's close to sleep or meal times, or take snacks and drink with you.
If you can see one starting to brew you could try creating a diversion (eg. I just saw a monkey over there, can you see it), but this takes a lot of imagination and effort on your part which is not always possible with another baby in tow.

I would say don't back down and start giving in to his demands, this is a time in his development when he's testing limits and if he knows he'll get what he wants with a tantrum then it won't give him an incentive to stop. Just keep telling him you love him when he's screaming (you'll probably need to remind yourself that you do!) but explain firmly why he can't have his own way.

Having said that, if it's really not a battle that you need to fight then relax and go with what will ease the situation.

Don't be frightened of tantrums, they are a necessary part of growing up and won't do him any harm at all. Being 2 is a very confusing time. Just keep him safe and loved and it will pass - and remember, don't give a stuff about what other people think.

laneydaye Thu 22-Feb-07 20:42:14

Hi jammyK, my dd is 2.4 and driving me up the wall at the moment, it's like somedays she wakes up and thinks ooh i wonder how many times i can piss mother off today!! Bless her..
Some days i find i'm shouting from getting up to putting her to bed.

Is there anyone at all who can take over? even if its for a 10 min break, im sure it would do you the world of good.
As for the tantrums.. Have you seen the advert? the one where the mum has a tantrum on the floor?
It does work if you have the bottle to do it...

When was the last time someone said what an amazeing job your doing?
sending you a big hug.....

ScottishThistle Thu 22-Feb-07 20:52:43

Try your best to ignore tantrums when possible, try & zone's a stage he has to go through, don't let it keep you indoors!

I agree, don't give a toss what other people think!

cjs76 Thu 22-Feb-07 20:56:10

My ds1 is 2 1/2 and I have a 6 month old ds2 I was very worried about going out but just started by going for short walks ( with them in a double buggy) then attached some raines to the buggy so he could walk some of the time and couldnt run off and then went to toddler groups from when ds2 was 2 weeks old other mums their are always very helpful and will hold the baby etc...
He has improved greatly - still has tantrums but I feel more able to cope with it all - Have you tried resure remedy ? It a spray that gives you that little help when needed available in health food shops

cjs76 Thu 22-Feb-07 20:56:43

sorry that rescue remedy

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