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Need help, overtired 6wk old

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Beachmum85 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:51:43

Apologies if you've seen this post in the Sleep topic too, but I'm desperate:

DS is such a light sleeper, and with any noise wakes instantly. It's so hard because I have DD who is 3.5 and when she's at home he just can't drop off (which is most of the time).

The evenings are terrible as he just screams with over-tiredness (& I think a bit of colic or maybe silent reflux). I've tried a walk in the sling, pram, car seat, rocking crib, etc and he just can't drop off without crying, or wakes as soon as the movement stops.

I feel so bad for DD because if he's awake he wants to feed constantly and generally only lasts a few mins in a bouncer or play mat before crying (which also upsets her). But then I'm annoyed with her for waking him (sometimes on purpose I think).

We've just endured several hours of relentless inconsolable crying that nearly broke me in two 😩

mimiholls Thu 12-Jan-17 21:14:44

It's hell but it won't be forever. By 12 weeks he will be crying much less and probably not fighting sleep as much. My dd was the same and it was horrific but it is a short (i know doesnt feel like it) phase. Can you do whatever you can- lots of car journeys/walks- for his naps just to get through this? Can you wear him in the sling around the house and continue doing things? If he is overtired in the evenings can you do an early bedtime to avoid this stage completely?

DesignedForLife Thu 12-Jan-17 22:57:14

Have you tried white noise? Worked wonders with my DD who had terrible silent reflux

Coconut0il Thu 12-Jan-17 23:28:00

Is there anyone else at home to help? DS2 was a constant feeder. Of an evening he was permanently attached to me. It was easier for me as DS1 was 12 so able to do his own thing. DP took over all the cooking and cleaning and in your situation would've been playing with the eldest.
Could you set up some activities your DD could do while DS is sleeping/feeding? Books to read, films to watch, figures to play with? DS2 always slept on my lap at that age.

Believeitornot Fri 13-Jan-17 00:01:17

I kept my second in a sling and got into a routine of going out every day regardless of weather so dd could sleep. Naps at home for a baby with a 2 year old were so tough! I could only get them to both nap at lunch time when dd was a little older.

Aquamarine1029 Fri 13-Jan-17 05:19:39

This too shall pass, I promise. Try some 100% pure lavender oil. Just a bit on baby's chest, and also a white noise machine.

Beachmum85 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:23:17

Right, he's asleep 👍🏻 unfortunately he's on my lap but I ain't movin!!!! 🙄🙏🏻

Beachmum85 Fri 13-Jan-17 13:06:44

Aaand DD woke him up after 30mins 😩 cue a sobbing mummy and crying baby (again)

Beachmum85 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:53:33

Any other tips for the baby that WILL NOT and CAN NOT fall asleep during the day?

At the end of my tether and energy 😢

Lovelongweekends Sun 15-Jan-17 18:02:52

We have a playlist on the computer of songs that have no pauses or sudden loud bits that we play for dd3 to fall asleep to and just play it on loop so she doesn't startle awake.
If she is really hysterical I hold her against me and hum, it acts as white noise and the vibration of humming calms her.

asyoudo Sun 15-Jan-17 18:33:16

Have you thought about Cranial Osteopathy? My DD was very colicky at that age, wouldn't settle or sleep for longer than 20mins at a time during the day. Evenings between 6-10pm were the worst.
We saw a cranial osteopath and she worked wonders, DD is a fantastic sleeper now.

lifeisazebracrossing Sun 15-Jan-17 19:07:12

My DD decided to resist naps for up to 8hrs daily from week 5-8. It was hell but it passed. I rocked her for hours each day until she eventually learned ( or things just changed!) to nap every two hours. Apparently you have to catch their optimum time when they start sleep cues, which is 1-2hrs from waking. I have no idea if what I did worked but it did eventually fall into place.

She also used to wake easily but less so now. We went through a phase of holding for naps and still have to hold for the first ten mins now at 6 months (naps only last 35mins!) but it's what we're doing to survive with a high maintenance baby. Mine also hated the pram and car seat until 3 months!

Must be so hard with two though! Good luck!

Beachmum85 Tue 17-Jan-17 10:12:58

You know what? Sod all the sleep theories, I am taking my baby's lead and he is sleeping brilliantly at night. So I'm going to stop stressing, enjoy him being awake and get on with my life!

Thanks for the tips all grin

lifeisazebracrossing Wed 18-Jan-17 19:49:52

Good decision smile xx

TeaMuncher Thu 19-Jan-17 07:37:24

Noooooo sleep last night either 😩


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