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New born dummy

(25 Posts)
becca1611 Thu 12-Jan-17 10:51:53

What's the best? What do you recommend? Expecting my first child and haven't a clue! There's so many out there I just don't know what I'm looking for

chloechloe Thu 12-Jan-17 13:07:20

The best is my boob if you ask my dummy dodging 4 week old!

I like the MAM dummies which I've always used for my older daughter. They have some very small ones for 0-2 month olds and genial glow in the dark ones for when they get older - so you can teach your baby to find it themselves in the night!

MyMrKnightley Thu 12-Jan-17 22:10:03

Avent ones have caps to keep them sterile

Beckface Thu 12-Jan-17 22:20:26

We use the avent ones with the glow in the dark handles which makes them easy to locate in the cot at night and the caps mean you can transport them easily.

NickyEds Thu 12-Jan-17 22:21:53

We used Avent ones for the cap too. Plus they sold them in Home Bargains cheap!

SunnySideDownUp Thu 12-Jan-17 22:22:42

Both my dd's have liked the mam ones, and it was the brand the nurses preferred in the special care unit.

MummyPigLovesAppleSauce Thu 12-Jan-17 22:24:18

The mam glow in the dark ones are fab... easy to find at night to stick back in!

MrsNuckyThompson Thu 12-Jan-17 22:25:13

You could consider not... know lots of friends who've really struggled to get rid at the right time!!

BertieBeats Thu 12-Jan-17 22:26:46

We used the Tommee Tippee Cherry tip ones with all our children as we found they didn't fall out so much.

ODog Fri 13-Jan-17 21:31:12

Each baby likes different ones. Some aren't fussy some are. DS liked man. DD liked the TT cherry ones. Neither are fussy now.

picklemepopcorn Fri 13-Jan-17 21:41:27

Cherry teat are easier to keep in, but must be swapped for orthodontic or removed when the child is a bit more able to manage.

GreenGoblin0 Sat 14-Jan-17 09:20:02

Never used a dummy or bought one. any reason why you think you will?

kel12345 Sat 14-Jan-17 09:23:00

I totally agree with greengoblin. You don't actually have to or need to use them. Not judging but it's the last thing I'd ever give any baby of mine

Heirhelp Sat 14-Jan-17 09:24:31

I second the mam ones which glow in the dark. They come in boxes to store them and the boxes can be used in the microwave to sterilise them.

I prefer a dummy over a thumb as they can control when they have it.

If your baby likes the dummy it would be worth while getting a dummy steriliser from Milton for when out and about. Never put a dummy in your mouth to clean it as you will just add a whole load more bacteria.

Flingmoo Sat 14-Jan-17 09:29:56

MAM have always worked well for us. Only buy the glow in the dark ones.

I used to be anti dummies until my husband suggested one for our newborn during the a difficult stage, and it instantly soothed him even when breastfeeding wouldn't. We had absolutely no breastfeeding issues (we breastfed for a year) but sometimes when he was tiny it seemed our baby wanted to suck on something without getting milk. If he was all red and upset you could see the redness drain from his face as soon as you gave him the dummy!

My son is 2.5 now and still has a dummy at night time, we've seen no adverse effects. He is ahead with his speaking - has a massive vocabulary and speaks in complex sentences, his teeth are great etc. I am not planning on making him give up the dummy until he is over 3. If you restrict it to night times as they get older, to me it is no different from any other comfort item they sleep with.

I regret ever being a dummy snob and my second baby will definitely be getting a dummy as well as breastfeeding.

flutterworc Sat 14-Jan-17 10:40:07

We were a MAM family - the 0-2 month ones are great when brand new as they seem to be much smaller than other brands so don't cause gagging so much.

DS (4) had his for sleeping until he was 3.5 - no issues whatsoever with speech or teeth.

There's also some research that suggests using a dummy at for sleeping reduces the instance of SIDS which immediately got me over my dummy snobbery!

picklemepopcorn Sat 14-Jan-17 18:59:06

I remember research about dummies reducing sids, too. Something to do with the stimulation keeping them 'ticking over'.

Flowerydems Sat 14-Jan-17 19:01:50

Tommee tippee for us, saying this as a mum who let her ds have his thumb and at 5 he still won't give it up. Ds2 gave up his dummy to the 'fairies' at 2yo and we'll be doing the same with week old dd.

Better a dummy than a thumb

Reality16 Sat 14-Jan-17 19:02:08

Yes I would encourage the use of a dummy tbh as even though it's early days with that research ANYTHING that could reduce that risk is definitely worth while

Reality16 Sat 14-Jan-17 19:03:40

Better a dummy than a thumb not always an either or choice though. My eldest never used either. My youngest had a dummy (for sleep) until she was 4, a few months after the dummy was gone she started thumb sucking. I'm sure there must be loads of kids who choose neither or both

picklemepopcorn Sun 15-Jan-17 07:36:25

DS1 was thumb from the moment he found it, DS2 had a dummy because DS1. We took DS2s dummy away when dentist suggested it. In went the thumb and it's still in sometimes aged 16!

OutComeTheWolves Sun 15-Jan-17 08:57:39

IMO it doesn't matter which one you get as long as you make sure all of your dummies are the same. As if your baby is anything like mine they will suddenly develop a preference at 3 o'clock in the morning or when you're out of the house with only one dummy with you.
We just buy poundland ones.

becca1611 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:50:11

Thank you for your replies guys. I was always anti dummies with working in childcare and having many 3/4 yr olds come into nursery still sucking on one but since being pregnant all my maternal hormones have kicked in and I have been more understanding about how they sooth them when used at the right times etc. And I agree with you being able to control having a dummy more than you can control thumb sucking. I'm not planning to pop it in soon as it's born it's just one of those things I would like to have at hand if baby is really struggling to be comforted any other way.

DaisyQueen Wed 25-Jan-17 17:54:24

I never used dummies for either of mine when they were very first born. Tried to introduce one after a few weeks of constantly being attached to my boob and neither would take one. Sometimes I wished that I'd gave them one earlier just for the peace but then I see toddlers who have them constantly and I'm glad I never had the battle of taking them away.

PeachBellini123 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:40:10

I was against them. But DS has reflux and a dunmy seems to help. I got the Tomme Tippee orthodontic ones.

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