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17 month old not walking yet

(2 Posts)
nomrase Tue 10-Jan-17 03:34:50

My daughter is 17 months old. She was born a month early but wasn't late to hitting most of her milestones. However, to this day she has never rolled from her stomach to her back, has never gotten from her back to a sitting position, has never pulled herself up on anything, and has never walked along anything. She isn't crawling - never liked tummy time - but chooses to butt shuffle everywhere. She was completely immobile until 13 months. Usually she is okay to stand at things if I place her there, but she can't get down by herself. Today, however, whenever I put her standing at something she starting freaking out, shaking and acting like she was going to fall. She didn't calm down until I pulled her away and held her. She has started seeing an OT and she is exploring the possibility of her having a sensory problem. I'm just looking for someone to relate to! My daughter never knows when she's full and will eat more food than my husband. She hates having baths and freaks out when something is spilled on her. She hated being touched and cuddles until she was about a year old. I couldn't even take her into bed with me. Her favorite position as a newborn was to be held away from my body. Now she is okay with hugs, but it isn't unusual for her to wipe away someone's touch. She gets really anxious in big groups and never plays with other kids. If I'm somewhere with kids her age, or even if they come to our house, she clings to me and is very agitated. She interacts fine with my husband and I and is every talkative at home. She is my first child so maybe I'm worrying before there is anything to actually worry about. Any advice from you moms out there??

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Jan-17 10:10:56

Hi there nomrase,

We're going to send this over to our parenting topic as we feel you may get a better response over there!


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