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Feeling down

(2 Posts)
Boo3Mum Mon 09-Jan-17 19:10:32

I've got 3 children, and have been living in a new area..about an hour away from where I used to live..for a over a year now. My husband works very long hours, and is rarely home when the kids are awake still, where I live is a council owned property, and really nice, have had a few problems with some neighbours recently which has put a bit of a downer on living here..we keep ourselves to ourselves and none of the problems have been directly related to us..sorry if I'm rambling...want to explain as best as I can! Our financial situation is getting so much better to what it used to be..2 of my children are at school and doing so well, they have made lots of friends and love going. My little girl who is 2 is a bit of a monkey but thriving and healthy...I have so much to look forward to like holidays and days out ect... apart from a few family issues my life is pretty easy...but I just don't feel happy..I have days where I'm on top of the world..and all it takes is one little things and it brings me down with a today for example, I was having a lovely day...then when I went out to pick the kids up from school one of my neighbours complained about where I had parked, he was a bit rude..but we left things ok..but it just completely ruined my whole day..I'm sitting here all worried and depressed about it...I feel I should be so happy...but I'm not...what's wrong with me? I have a history of mental health and have been on antidepressants in the past, but never seemed to work. Am I just an over sensitive wally or can anyone else relate? So sorry for the ramble and if you have read to this bit thankyou!!!!! Xxx sadblush

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 09-Jan-17 19:26:26

You poor thing Boo. Have you spoken to your DH about how you are feeling? thanks

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