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I think my son may actually be part banshee - or possibly a mandrake

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fruityb Mon 09-Jan-17 14:40:29

The god awful shriek he has developed just lately has just curdled my cup of tea!! He's upstairs having a nap and every twenty minutes or so wakes up shrieking at the top of his lungs - I have never heard a sound quite like it. It's like there's something horrible in there with him. He does it when he's getting tired or hungry or just being grumpy at the moment and it's actually making my toes curl when he does it. Is he just experimenting with his noises or am I set for the next few months waiting for the lenses in my glasses to break or all the glasses in the cupboard to shatter??

Sweet Jesus it's the worst sound I have ever heard!! He's teething at the moment but he does this noise in place of any cry of grumble at the moment. There's no build up - it's silence to full on meltdown!

LilyMyOneAndOnly Thu 12-Jan-17 22:26:19

How old is he? My son has just started it too.. he's 5 months old today. We call it the velociraptor, it's really that loud and awful! I find myself constantly apologising when we're out, an old man in sainsburys today told me I should take him back and ask for a quieter one!! At least he said it with a smile smile

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