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Seeking mums-to-be

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ColletteStokey16 Sun 08-Jan-17 21:20:19

Do you live in or around north London? Is your due-date between January and March 2017? Would you like to take part in a mum & baby observation?

Hi, I’m training to be a child psychotherapist and, as part of my training I have to observe a mum and newborn baby together as the bond develops.

When and where
I live in Stoke Newington and am looking for a local mum-to-be with a due-date between January and March 2017. The observations will be for 1 hour a week for about 18 months (allowing for breaks & holidays), ideally in your own home.

How it works
I’d come over, usually at the same time each week and simply observe how the attachment grows between parent and baby over that time. I’ll be able to supply an official letter from my training institute and DBS clearance (enhanced police check).

Mum and baby observations are a critical part of therapy training and are usually a positive experience for the parent, who gets a chance to be seen ‘at their best’ with their growing baby.

If you’re interested just get in touch. We could have a chat by phone and an introductory meeting before you decide to go ahead.

Collette – 07861 673265

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