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Please help! Baby brought up fresh vlood with clots :(

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PassTheCake82 Fri 06-Jan-17 01:40:40

Hi everyone, before I get started or before anyone goes ballistic at me asking this online, my baby has been seen at a hospital regarding this and I have sought advice from my midwife as well. The issue is that no one seems to havr any experience of this which is making me so incredibly anxious.
To cut a long story short, I burped my baby on his first morning at home (he's 4 days old) and 2+ tablespoons of fresh blood with clots came up. Way more than would've been caused by sore or cracked nipples.

Anyway, we took him to the hospital amd the paediatric doc said he seemed fonr otherwise so just to monitor the issue from home. The midwife came out later that day and she too was unsure but agreed it warranted being looked at.

Aside from constant sleep in one eye and some symtons of jaundice, baby seems okay but I can't sleep for worry. Anyone any idea?..Thank You xx

Smitff Fri 06-Jan-17 02:04:28

Oh dear. I would be worried too. Did anyone suggest that maybe it was by-product of the birth?

I guess they're telling you to keep an eye on it because they can't really do much at this stage. Is the baby drinking milk okay? is he crying or has he cried yet?

PassTheCake82 Fri 06-Jan-17 03:16:15

Someone sggested that but I was thinking aftwr four days surely that would have been digested by now/be dark brown.

I'm a first time mum breastfeeding and still getting to grips with it. I'm never sure if he's getting enough if any, I just go by his nappies atm which seem fine. He does seem to burp/bring up an awful lot back and frequently self comforts after with his hands. He cries when hes hungry or nappy needs changed xx

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