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shalalala Wed 04-Jan-17 21:19:47

Desperately looking for advice. Our almost 8 months DD has started waking frequently at night and we would like to do some kind sleep training to encourage her to fall asleep on her own. I'm not willing to do controlled crying. Any nips on how we can do sleep training and on her routine?

Some background:
EBF for 6 months and is now BF morning and evening with 1/2 bottles and solids throughout the day
Wakes up late - 8.30/9am
Quite a bad napper. Will nap if in the car or walked about but takes a lot of effort to get her to nap in her cot. Generally only naps for 30 mins but occasionally has started getting a bit longer if we have been out in her pram
When she does fall asleep on us she is very hard to get into her cot without waking up
Used to sleep through but now wakes up around 10.30/11pm and then again a few times in the night. She will feed if I offer it but I know isn't really hungry

Average routine
8.30/9am wake up. Breastfeed
930/10 Breakfast
1130 nap (normally 30 mins)
1230 offer bottle but generally only have 3/4oz
1 lunch
2.30 nap (normally 30 mins)
3.30 offer bottle but generally only 3/4oz
4.30 nap (normally 30 mins and sometimes misses this one)
5.30 tea
6.30 bottle (3/4oz)
7.15 bedtime routine and final breastfeed around 8

Phoenix76 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:27:06

Your dd sounds just like mine, almost to the letter! Especially the lack of naps during the day, dd1 used to grace me with at least 4 hours during the day so I naively expected the same with dd2 😮! Anyway, she's now 10 months and we discovered that teething was actually making her restless, especially at night so gave pain relief/ teething powder when we suspected that was disturbing her. We also found that since including a bath time routine (pita I know!) she's much more chilled and, for now, is going to sleep at around 8 and waking at 8. Still got a bit of work to do on the daytime naps though, although thinking it may just not be her thing! Good luck!

annlee3817 Wed 04-Jan-17 23:28:16

We used the pick up put down and adapted it a little to suit, it required perseverance but made a huge difference with regards to self settling at night.

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