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4 week old with colic??

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daisyhun Wed 21-Feb-07 10:31:49

Hi - I have posted on here before about my 4 week old DD who we have trouble settling at night - she is a fantastic napper during the day (although a little on/off in te afternoons) but in the evenings she only manages 45 minutes after her bath and then she is up until about midnight - screaming if we put her down anywhere.

Could this be colic? She is sometimes inconsolable which is when we resort to feeding her - eg last night she fed every 1.5 hours until midnight just taking little bits at a time. She then slept through to 3am then fed, back down no probs and up at 7am.

I was wondering if this was colic, and if some colic drops before her bedtime feed might help?

Swizzler Wed 21-Feb-07 10:54:59

It could be that she's cluster feeding - DS did this at this age. Just keep feeding and cuddling in the evenings. She'll get the hang of sleeping at night eventually! If she's only comforted by feeding, sounds like she's hungry not colicky - if she were colicky nothing would soothe her (speaking from bitter experience .

So try and relax, sit in front of the telly (or computer) and get your partner to feed you

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