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Swimming with baby

(7 Posts)
Beewhisperer Mon 02-Jan-17 15:09:05

Just wondered when you first took baby swimming? What they wore? Any tips?
Dd is 3 months. Part of me thinks it would be lovely. The other half realises that it could be hell on earth.

booellesmum Mon 02-Jan-17 15:12:01

I took mine at 3 months.
They wore swimming nappy with cossie over the top.
It was great fun.

Imscarlet Mon 02-Jan-17 15:12:46

It's absolutely fine. Ring around and see what the warmest pool near to you is. If you can, get a neoprene thingy that goes over the swimsuit. Aim for about 20 mins in the water. If you have a car seat, bring that in with you. Some people reckon to wrap a hotwater bottle in a towel so that it is nice and warm when you get out. I used to bring a terry towel dressing gown thingy with me to throw on when I got out, so that I could concentrate on getting my LO dry and dressed first. Feed afterwards. Get swim nappies and remember that they are only to contain poo in the case of an accident in the pool, they won't contain pee, so don't put it on until you are ready to go in the pool. It's lovely!

welshweasel Mon 02-Jan-17 15:17:17

Swimming with your baby is fab. They can go from birth. Much easier before they are mobile! We use a disposable swim nappy under a neoprene happy nappy with a neoprene wrap on top, which keeps them warm and also makes them easier to hold on to! I used to shower us together at that age, then wrap DS in a hooded towel and get myself dressed.before sorting him. Easy clothes for both of you. Bottle of milk/ breastfeed once dressed. Most swimming pools do baby swimming classes or you could do something like water babies if you want more structure.

Floridasunset Mon 02-Jan-17 16:40:49

I took mine from 6 weeks and we both loved it.
Hardest thing is trying to get everything in the locker whilst holding baby so make sure everything fits in one bag. Take two towels, oneto lay them on and other to dry as the one they lay on gets soaked.
Baby wore disposable nappy and swimming costume. When we've gone to outdoor pools we also used a neoprene wrap with a sun suit underneath.
Have fun!

Beewhisperer Mon 02-Jan-17 16:47:04

Thank you for all of your replies. Am definitely going to give it a go soon.
Towel dressing gown is a great idea.
Think I might go for swim nappies with a wrap. I don't fancy getting squirmy dd out of a wet costume.

CeCeBloomer Mon 02-Jan-17 22:07:02

I took my son today for the first time, he is 7 weeks old and loved it. My 2.5 yr old daughter can now swim a few metres unaided

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