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Slightly worried about my son's weight

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Janearthur123 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:10:20

My son is now 7 and is developing a bit of a belly. I noticed it a few weeks ago that when he tucked his shirt in his belly now sits on top of his belt and comes over the top slightly as well rather than being just flat. He is a regular swimmer and I am concerned he will get self-conscious or bullied by the other children because he is a little bit larger. I have tried reducing portion sizes and cutting back on sweets but we're still having to shop for clothes which are age 11-12 and above!

nethunsreject Sun 01-Jan-17 21:12:37

How's his bmi, centile wise? NHS have a age /height /weight thing. It can be hard to tell looking. I thought my eldest was too chunky, but he's okay actually. Well within healthy range. Activity bit is vital so that's good.

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