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Feeding/bottle advice

(5 Posts)
gooseygander88 Thu 29-Dec-16 13:09:33


My DS used to suffer really bad with trapped wind, crying out after feeds in discomfort and pain. We changed to Dr Browns bottles and these have done the trick! He's a much happier and more content with feeding (often has windy moments but nothing like before)! Recently though he's beginning to fall asleep on the bottle during feeds - never has done this before. He's. 14 weeks andsleeps well at night and has good amount of naps during the day often needing feeding soon after he wakes (so he shouldn't be tired) but now when he feeds he begins to fall asleep. It's almost like he's comforted by these bottles now where he doesn't have the pain! He also does cry if I stop to wind him or wake him because he wants more milk, but if I continue to give him the whole bottle in one go he brings the whole bottle up! However I don't want him to associate his bottle with sleep .. so any advice would be helpful. Thanks smile

FizzyFeet Thu 29-Dec-16 16:00:32

It sounds like you need to go up a teat size - he might be wearing himself out sucking! A faster flow should help. Ignore the guidance about months and teat sizes as lots of babies have a different strength of suck - DD was like this too. Be prepared for a bit of wind for the first few feeds while he adjusts.

The other thing to consider is whether he is in some discomfort (early teething??) and wants something to suck on. You could try a dummy or a Sophie la Girafe if so.

gooseygander88 Thu 29-Dec-16 19:12:55

Thanks for the reply fizzy I tried going up the test size and he guzzled it down resulting in him being sick, he's quite a sickie baby in general but this made him more sickie. Mind you all he's done with his feeds today is be sick poor thing!

FizzyFeet Thu 29-Dec-16 20:45:54

Oh poor thing! Hope he feels better soon.

ODog Thu 29-Dec-16 22:10:36

Honestly I think you are over-thinking the sleep association part. I've never known feeding to sleep to cause long term issues in either bottle fed or breast fed babies. If that's your primary concern I'd let it go. He's tiny....let him find comfort in whatever he wants. Off to take cover now from the inevitable back lash.

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