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Attic bedroom for a 3year old safe or not

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thecoldnever Wed 28-Dec-16 21:07:41

Sorry I know this might sound ridiculous but I really need your inputs.

I will be moving into a two bedroom flat next week one of the bedrooms is attic bedroom and I'm thinking that should be my DD's bedroom but I'm worried about the stairs. She has no problem going up or down stairs but I'm worried if she wakes up in middle of night to come to my room and falls down the stairs.

I'm thinking of buying a safety gate that way she'll call for me.

lilyborderterrier Wed 28-Dec-16 21:19:11

That's a great idea, my daughter ( 4 in February) is up in the top floor of a 3 story house, we have a monitor and can hear her and we used to have a safety gate at the top of the stairs ( which we took down about 7 months ago, ) she's been up there since she was a baby and is a great sleeper.

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