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elliej83 Sun 25-Dec-16 23:51:11

I've been out on a couple of trips recently - church in Christmas Eve and to eat in a couple of places and noticed some toddlers want to run and around and be in everything and the parents have no control and other seem to sit and do as they are told a bit more. Is there a knack to this or is it just a phase? Thinking some tips would be good before we hit that phase!

Coconut0il Mon 26-Dec-16 13:07:39

I think it partly depends on the toddler. I could take DS1 anywhere and as long as I has a few toys or books he would sit really nicely.
DS2 is 16 months and hates anything with a buckle on, highchair, car seat, pushchair. He screams in all of them and distractions only work for a very short time. He wants to run and climb everywhere. I take him to baby groups, soft play, the park and library. Anywhere he can have a walk around. I wouldn't take him for a meal or anywhere that I would want to sit peacefully for more than 10 minutes. It's not relaxing for me and I would never let him run wild and annoy other people.

Booboostwo Mon 26-Dec-16 14:17:51

Luck of the draw. DD would sit quietly everywhere, DS won't sit anywhere.

ghostspirit Mon 26-Dec-16 14:33:00

It's always been ok when mine have been toddlers as long as they can be entertained in some way they are fine. But we only go to places like havester franky and bennys. Weatherspoons if we eat out though. I would not be able to take toddler ds to say cinema though.

jimijack Mon 26-Dec-16 14:41:29

Depends entirely on the child.
Neither of mine would sit nicely even with distractions.

I stopped going anywhere with ds1 for about a year as it was too stressful and he was extreme in his wild nature.
Ds2 I don't stress as much, but it's still very stressful.

It's a complete lack of control and escalation of behaviour when attempting the control. Every plan put in place to assure a calm, quiet and busy toddler to allow myself and others enjoyment of a situation just goes to shit within minutes of arriving, so I just didn't go anywhere.

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