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How long is cooled boiled water ok in bottle for?

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Lynn5 Thu 22-Dec-16 23:31:36

Just that really, I have a sick baby and been advised to give cooled boiled water if not taking formula. Midwifes etc say to make bottles us as and when needed, so I've boiled water, put into bottle. So if baby takes say an ounce, can I put lid back on and keep using same water? Thanks.

SpeakNoWords Fri 23-Dec-16 01:06:13

If the baby had drunk from the bottle then I think you can only keep it for a short time, I think an hour or maybe two? There will be saliva etc in the water and that could mean bacterial growth.

Lynn5 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:04:55

Ye that's what I thought. Thanks.

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