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Clark's foot gauge?

(7 Posts)
DeleteOrDecay Thu 22-Dec-16 10:42:28

Thinking of buying one so I can measure DC,s feet at home. Clark's do one for £10, has anyone else bought one and is it any good? Are there any other ones out there that people would recommend?

LapinR0se Thu 22-Dec-16 10:44:38

Yes I've got one and it does the job great!

JaniceButterbrain Thu 22-Dec-16 20:23:56

I have the Clarks one. Does the job, soon as her feet measure .5cm longer I buy the next size shoes. Startrite do one too.

FATEdestiny Thu 22-Dec-16 21:36:02

I've got one. It doesn't actually tell you the shoe size though, as I expected. It tells you the size of their foot in cm/mm.

I wouldn't recommend.

DeleteOrDecay Thu 22-Dec-16 22:00:14

Thanks for the replies, I think I will look into it more after Christmas. It's such a faff having to drag 2 young DC to the shops to get measured only to find their feet haven't grown at all so at least if I can do it from home then I can go in store knowing they will need the next size up.

LapinR0se Thu 22-Dec-16 22:09:16

fate it tells you the measurement in cm/mm and then their website has a converter so you can see the equivalent size....

AWaspOnAWindowInAHeatwave Thu 22-Dec-16 22:49:58

Got mine off Amazon for £8 - for some reason it's more expensive if you buy it off the Clarks site! Yes it's great if you can get someone to assist you - it's hard to persuade a wriggly toddler to sit on your knee and hold his foot still, while you peer over his shoulder and try to read the measurements upside down. Otherwise much easier to go to the shop. I tend to get him measured each time we go into town, have a good look at the styles they have in, then come home and order them online.

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