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Won't eat- painful mouth?

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user1482186792 Mon 19-Dec-16 22:38:55

We have been fighting thrush for a month now. Wednesday we started Gentian Violet, painted in baby's mouth 3 days in a row.

Completely cleared up on her tongue and cheeks (only place we saw it). But on the final day of treatment she started fighting nursing. When hungry, I put her to the breast and she bobs on and off, won't latch, grimaces & gets frustrated- starts crying and gives up. I have to bounce and shush her every time to get her to latch and nurse. Sometimes it takes a while to get her to start eating.

Noticed Saturday that the top of her mouth looks really sore. It is white surrounded by red.I know Gentian Violet can sometimes cause irritation/ulcers but that they go away within 48 hours of stopping treatment. It has been longer than that and has not improved.

She has also had more saliva the last few days (drooling, spit bubbles, sometimes choking on spit). Don't know if that's related.

I feel so bad for her. I'm waiting to hear back from the DRs here but they have not been helpful so far. The only baby-specialist (no peds here) is always booked full.

Anyone have an idea what this might be? She is 6 weeks so I know this is the time of a growth spurt/developmental leap and the peak of crying, but I just can't believe this would be unrelated.

I don't see a way to post a photo- here is a link to my post on LLLI with a photo-

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