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Single with 2 under 2, how do you manage?

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Nottalotta Mon 19-Dec-16 21:12:11

I have ds and am 33 wks pregnant, and facing being single. Been together for 14 yrs, married 4 and it's pretty much done.

I do and always have done pretty much everything with ds. His dad has started helping with bath and bedtime as I've got larger. But everything else I do. So it's not like it will come as a shock to do have everything to do, but obviously 2 will be harder than 1.

Ds will be 18 months when the baby is born. He walks really well, eats well, doesn't sit down really ever, doesn't watch telly. Goes to bed well, and wakes maybe once a night, sometimes not at all but is always up early. (5am)

Any coping mechanisms? Advice?

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