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Chicken pox in toddlers

(2 Posts)
womaninatightspot Sun 18-Dec-16 06:50:56

DTD1 came out in spots yesterday around one ear. I think they are chicken pox but they are converging in a blotchy fashion. That might be because she scratched them, baby piriton seems to have done the trick to stop the itching. Hopefully it'll be clearer today whether it is chicken pox.

The thing is we went to the nativity and a new baby group over the last few days. Should we contact school / baby group coordinator to let them know. School seems pointless as it's rife at the moment but I feel bad about the tiny ones there were babies from about 4 months.

SpeakNoWords Sun 18-Dec-16 10:28:13

I don't think I would, as there's nothing that can be done in retrospect.

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