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Is travelling at night better for your car sick toddler?

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JaniceButterbrain Sat 17-Dec-16 11:48:38

DD is 2 and always throws up a lot in the car and is generally a very very unhappy traveller. Has anyone else been through this and had a better time travelling at night? Wondering if being properly asleep might help?

DomesticAnarchist Sat 17-Dec-16 12:58:17

DS1 had awful travel sickness. We found travelling at night did help as he'd fall asleep, and usually stay asleep for the whole journey.

I think after age 2 you can give phenergen? If that's not it there is a liquid they can have. DS1's travel sickness started before he was 2 so we couldn't travel more than 20 minutes for about a year.

We had an extended rear facing seat for DS1 too (this was about 5 years ago when it was a newish thing) but we ended up having to turn him forwards and put him in the middle. It made a significant difference.

It was so gross. My sympathies for all involved.

chloechloe Sat 17-Dec-16 16:14:09

DD1 tends to be ok on the motorway but is generally sick if there are too many curves! She's never been sick whilst traveling when sleeping though - we generally plan long journeys to coincide with her lunchtime nap now she's older or so that we start shortly before bedtime.

I'm not in the U.K. but our paedatrician has prescribed Vomex for longer journeys, I guess there is the same medicine or something similar available over there.

JaniceButterbrain Tue 20-Dec-16 16:11:29

Thank you, staying asleep the whole journey sounds bliss for all concerned!

Very interesting that the seat being in the middle helped. Facing forwards hasn't changed anything unfortunately.

We also have trouble getting her to take medicene! But in theory thanks for tip.

"Vomex" is a great name for such a product, have to laugh. But yeah, it is an awful experience.

She was even sick on the train once sad

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