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Book recommendations for 2 year old about to become a brother!

(13 Posts)
Heatherbell1978 Sat 17-Dec-16 07:33:42

Looking for some recommendations for books that help toddlers understand that a new baby in the family is on its way!

Think he understands that mummy has a baby in her tummy but would be good to get a friendly book to explain!! Thanks

Chocolatecake12 Sat 17-Dec-16 07:38:23

I had a great book called ' there's a house inside my mummy'
It's lovely and colourful and it's rhyming - I could recite some of it now and it was 10 years ago!!

PurpleMcPants Sat 17-Dec-16 07:47:38

We had there's a house inside my mummy too, couldn't read the thing without crying when I was pregnant though! Also had Zaza's baby brother

JosephineMaynard Sat 17-Dec-16 07:53:54

We had Pirate Pete's I'm a New Big Brother.

Cuppaand2biscuits Sat 17-Dec-16 08:01:29

Cuppaand2biscuits Sat 17-Dec-16 08:03:02

Not sure how to do links but What's inside your tummy Mummy? It's a lift the flap book.

Cuppaand2biscuits Sat 17-Dec-16 08:04:56

And Dino baby. If you ask at the library they usually have some books or might be able to order them in.

Swearwolf Sat 17-Dec-16 08:07:23

Another vote for Pirate Pete, it's fantastic. We also had There's a House Inside my Mummy, but I wasn't as keen as it focused on the pregnancy only, with the baby only appearing on the last page. What my boy needed to understand was how things would be once the baby was here, which Pirate Pete covered beautifully. And the baby's sex isn't clear so it could easily be applied to us with a new baby sister or to my SIL with a new baby brother, and the mum is breastfeeding like I am, which I thought was nice to show him as it does take up a lot of time in the early days. So lots of starting points for practical conversations about babies.

HardcoreLadyType Sat 17-Dec-16 08:09:25

We had a few nice little picture books, but it's so long ago, I can't really remember. Some of the suggestions above seem very good.

One book I would absolutely suggest you read for yourself is Siblings Without Rivalry. I wish I had read it before DC2 and DC3 were born.

FunnyBird Sat 17-Dec-16 08:14:03

I liked "I want a sister " by Tony Ross. Little Princess book.

Bubbinsmakesthree Sat 17-Dec-16 08:23:03

Waiting for Baby and My New Baby by Rachel Fuller are good - picture books with lots of common situations to talk about (I particularly like heavily pregnant mummy sleeping on the sofa!)

My mum bought my 2.5yo 'Where Do Babies Come From?' Usborne lift-the-flap book which is a bit old for him really. It explains a bit about how babies are made (baby grows in mummy's tummy, needs a sperm from daddy and an egg from mummy) and raised (human babies and lots of other animals) - he loves this book.

TataEs Sat 17-Dec-16 08:31:27

willaby wallaby
there's a house inside my mummy

tbh... nothing prepared my oldest for the shock of a new baby! we have a book called my new baby, and it's poo, but he bloody loves it. we still have to read it now and the 'new baby' is nearly 2!

Fresh01 Sat 17-Dec-16 21:33:28

We have 4 children with around 2 years between each. We had an Usborne book called "The New Baby" that was very good and simple.

But the best thing we did for the toddler was 2-3 weeks before the baby arrived we put the car seat in the car and let them pick a teddy or doll to "test the car seat for the new baby to see it was ok" and we took different teddies/dolls each day. We found this gave them a big visual clue to what was happening.

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