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Sleep - utterly deflated

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RedCrab Fri 16-Dec-16 19:07:06

Dd is 21 months. I posted here about a month / six weeks ago asking advice on how to leave her at bedtime to go to sleep by herself. I'm 25 weeks pregnant with DC3 and do solo bedtimes as DH has evening clients. I need to be able to leave her to sleep by herself.

I got some great advice and it only took one night of quick reassurance and rapid return, and she got it. I thought we had it nailed. She would just get tucked in, say night night, maybe play a bit with her doll and then fall asleep. She shares a room with DS (4).

Last two nights have been a massive step back. Huge. Last night - would be tucked in but then huge hysterics, and I was up and down going to her. She was so hysterical I eventually just lay down with her. Same tonight only she didn't even get tucked in - just immediate hysterics. I tried about 45 minutes of what I did the first time but DS was becoming distressed with her screamjng, and then she made herself sick and she was completely hysterical. I cuddled her for five minutes and she fell asleep.

But it's a huge step back. Is it just a blip? Is she going through some development where she needs extra reassurance? How do I do that without capitulating on the bedtime boundary of me leaving her tucked in but awake? So pissed off and so pregnant sad

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