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Starting toilet training - what are your tips?

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Writerwannabe83 Fri 16-Dec-16 09:20:48

DS is 2yr 9m and me and DH have decided to start hard core potty training.

For many, many months now DS has used the potty at home when he needs a wee but only if he already has his trousers/nappy off. Most days that we are home we leave him bare bottomed so he can use the potty as he wishes. He's has never had a poo in the potty and will either ask to have a nappy oh or he will hold it and hold it until he eventually has an accident on the floor.

We have tried pants a few times but he uses them like a nappy and will simply wee or poo in them.

We tried pull-ups but it felt pretty pointless as again he just wee'd or pooed in them as though he were wearing a normal nappy.

DS hates wearing nappies, he gets upset when we put one on him and would far, far prefer to be left bare bottomed and use the potty for his wees. Every day we ask if he'd like to wear pants instead of a nappy but he just screams at that suggestion.

So how do we go about it?

Does he sound ready to be trained?

Should we just go cold turkey on thf nappies, put him in pants and deal with the accidents until he reliably asks to use the potty?

The whole thing feels so daunting and we feel a bit lost as to what our next step should be....

ODog Fri 16-Dec-16 13:05:37

We had similar with DS (although he was always happy to poo in potty) where he was accident free bare bottomed but not in pants. I too dismissed pull ups to start with but was persuaded by some mum friends to give them a try. It worked an absolute treat. Branded them to him as big boy pants (Asda do peppa ones) and he needed to tell us when he needed a wee/poo and use the potty. First few days we had lots of accidents but as soon as I noticed he had wet the pull up I said oh well never mind let's change these wet pants, next time we can use the toilet/potty. Just like you would pants. Within a week he had cracked it and we were in normal pants and simultaneously dry at night.

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