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Head Lice in toddler

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Luckymummy22 Mon 28-Nov-16 20:24:24

I think my boy has a couple of head lice.
We'll some eggs at least (very kind of his sister to share)
His hair is very very fine though (2 years old never cut). I tried wet combing it with conditioner but I don't think it's done any good.
I've got a nitty gritty on order but any tips to get them out his hair.
He's just turned 2 and I would prefer not to use any treatment if I can.
Could his hair be too fine for nit comb? Will the nitty gritty be better?

Think it's early days as only discovered his sisters today but want to nip it in the bud.

Any advice welcome.

MegBusset Mon 28-Nov-16 20:31:21

Nit combs are rubbish ime. Nitty Gritty much better. Have you seen any live ones on him? If not then I would just keep wet combing, or if eggs are visible when he has dry hair then sit him in front of CBeebies and pick them out!

Nits are a pita, and the reason my DC have short hair!

Luckymummy22 Tue 29-Nov-16 08:06:05

Thanks. There was a couple of live ones which managed to get out. Something else in at head possibly eggs. I picked most of that out when he was sleeping last night.
Whole family deloused lol, hubby no 2 haircut - was needed anyway.
Nitty gritty comb should arrive today so will use that later but daughter's head looked ok this morning.
A few came from me as well. 1st time ever.
Weekly regime of nitty gritty comb has started.
And my boys hair will be kept short as soon as it's long enough to cut lol.
Horrible things 😭

curr78 Tue 29-Nov-16 08:10:09

I just been doing my lot, I use Aussie spray in conditioner and a nitty gritty my two year old has long hair past shoulder blades so I do it every morning, before school run , if I then spot one , I then do it again in the evening throughly I been doing this routine for about a year. ( not with the two year old ) I don't often get nits in the house anymore just the odd one when they collect them from school.

Luckymummy22 Sun 11-Dec-16 12:49:01

And we're still trying to get rid of them 😭 my 2 year old is fine now. His head was ok since u picked them all out.
My head I think is OK.
But still struggling with my 5 year old. Just combed her hair today (day 14). Got 1 live one out. No eggs that I could see and the rest of her hair seems clear.
Don't know if it's a leftover egg that's hatched or a new infestation. She did get letter home from school the other day (although nothing when I told them the other week). We've been using the Vosene detangling spray in her hair. So maybe preventing eggs?
Feel quite disheartened today as had a clear head the last time I wet combed.
By I guess i need to start the treatment again.

TenaciousOne Sun 11-Dec-16 12:55:23

You should retreat a week later, and if there is still lice retreat again until clear. Or at least comb through with a nitty gritty weekly until clear.

HallowedMimic Sun 11-Dec-16 12:59:40

One Hedrin treatment is all it's ever taken here.

You are meant to repeat it after a week or so just in case, but it is truly amazing stuff.

The eggs are destroyed and the lice are suffocated, so they can't develop resistance to it.

Luckymummy22 Sun 11-Dec-16 14:46:35

We have done loads of wet combing on the recommended days and some in between. We've also used a treatment. Did it on day 1 and then a week later as instructed. Can't remember what it was caled. Begins with a L. We'be been using the nitty gritty comb and I think i've been pretty thorough and in fairness to her for a change she's sat still even though it's taken ages each time.
I will wet comb again daily for the next few days and see how we get on. If there's still an issue i will try hedrin. x

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