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3 week old failed hearing test twice

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Baz13 Mon 28-Nov-16 12:29:54

My three week old daughter has just failed her second hearing test - the feedback was no hearing in one ear and some in the other (2/8). She has now been referred to have the sticky pads put on, can anyone tell me how reliable these tests are and whether fluid in the ear/infection can give a nil reading. My daughter has just got over a cold and was born by c-section (if that makes a difference).

I also had glue ear as a child; the health visitor said that although it's not hereditary it can be linked.
Just wondered if anyone has any experience with their child and the third hearing test smile

Kazups22 Mon 28-Nov-16 16:43:15

Hiya my dd failed her hearing test in one ear the first time it was done in hospital the day after she was born. I was told its common as there is gunk in ear canal. The lady testing then said she had another machine which can get past most the gunk but that came back as a fail too! She was referred to the hearing clinic a few (anxious) weeks later where they used a headphone type bud to bounce back sound. I was told I could be there for hours but thankfully after the first test everything came back clear and seemed to just have been gunk! Throughout I was assured if there were any problems they would be easier to correct at a young age. Good luck x

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