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Feeling lonely in motherhood

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Sunnyeb12 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:42:17

Basic scenario is... I've got two close friends that I would call my 'main friends' and that is really about it now because recently I've had three 'mum' friends emigrate in the last year. So the last few months I've been trying to strike up a friendship with a small number of new mums from playgroups etc. One of the mums came to a party I hosted, and I've invited them here a few times for plays dates and they have come and appeared to enjoy it. I've had one invitation from them each for a reciprocated play date over the summer which both times I thought went well and was nice etc. I even bought £50 worth of clothes/shoes off one Mum, thing is since Halloween literally I've not heard from any of them, no communication at all, I purposefully haven't txted them as I feel it's me pushing the friendship. Ones recently moved into their house after finishing renovating which I thought might prompt an invitation but nothing. I thought we got on well and one of the mums it was her that initially approached me about meeting up... so basically I'm a bit lonely and lacking 'mum friends' I have 3 children under 4 so I know it's not the same as inviting once child round to play but I wonder is it me? I think I'm chatty, easygoing etc or is it that life just so busy for everyone. It might be worth adding that out of all my friends we don't work a lot so do have weekday daytimes available etc. I'm not not txting them out of pride but is it really worth pursuing a friendship that one sided?

Oh and another thing to add, my old faithful two friends kids are different ages and sexs to mine so common ground isn't bursting. Hence why I thought it'd be nice to find some mums with kids a similar age and sex that may eventually go off to school together x

Nickname1980 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:47:41

Text them! They'll just be distracted and will be happy to hear from you, I bet. If they seem disinterested, then you'll know to let them go and find other friends.

I am not an organiser, I'm a joiner-inner, so i love having friends who organise stuff. Perhaps they're the same.

Suggest some Christmas drinks? You'd be surprised. They're probably just as keen to have other "mum friends" too. And - if they're not - you will find someone who is! flowers

angstybaby Tue 29-Nov-16 13:58:23

i agree. they're probably just really busy

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