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5 week old signs of oral thrush?

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Lynn5 Sat 26-Nov-16 00:23:53

My baby is 5 weeks old, few days breast fed and rest of time on formula. He seems to be taking first ounce or so then screwing up his face remainder of feed as if it's hurting him. I don't think its wind/colic/reflux. He does have white on his younger but unsure if it's milk. Does anyone have any advice or any other signs it could be thrush? Also when to go to doctor should I wait till Monday when gp reopens? Thanks.

Heirhelp Sat 26-Nov-16 09:47:42

Wipe the white with a clean finger. Of it comes off it is milk if it does not it is thrush. Are your nipples painful as in agony under shower water then you also have thrush. If baby has thrush in his mouth you will need treatment.

My lo had thrush and later reflux. The refusing to take more than an 1oz sounds like reflux not thrush.

DesignedForLife Sun 27-Nov-16 09:54:18

Go to your practice nurse on Monday, they can check it out for you

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