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Snake oils or miracle cures

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Newmummy332 Thu 24-Nov-16 10:41:27

Hi all,

I am a new mummy to a 5 week old ds. He's quite grumpy, cries a lot and is difficult to settle.
In the last five weeks I've pretty much brought everything and anything that may help. I was just wondering what products others have brought in 3 am desperation and did they or didn't they help.

So far we have tried:
Ewan the dream sheep: ok but settles me more than him.
Cocoonababy: easier for me to carry after c section but he doesn't seem to like it any more than his crib.
Ifacol/ gripe water ect: no noticeable difference.
Dr browns anti colic bottles: see above.
Bouncy chair: ok for ten mins but starts crying again.
Comfort milk as is ff fed: to thick for him to get out of the bottle.
Hundreds of baby books, gina ford, happiest baby on the block, baby whisperer ect: all made me feel like a crap mum as baby doesn't do aso the booksame say.

I've now booked him in for cranial osteopathy but dh thinks it's a snake oil. I'm still holding out that this one will be the miracle cure.

Cocolocos Fri 25-Nov-16 16:16:52

DD had 'colic' but in hindsight I think she was overtired and overstimulated. Swaddling helped us, and going for walks with the pram, or a sling. Pretty much as soon as they wake and feed it's getting to the time to settle them back to sleep. I realised this too late and so I spent a lot of time with a very grumpy baby!

Heirhelp Fri 25-Nov-16 20:58:44

I know MN always ask this but my colicky crying baby actually had reflux. Does you baby show any signs?

Does your baby settle when being cuddled?

What has the HV suggested?

Have you tried baby massage? Specifically anti colic massage.

Jos2004 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:18:58

Completely agree with Cocolocos - we spent a long time trying to deal with wind issues until we realised that she was overtired. We are now much better at reading her signals and deal with wind when it's there but also try the things suggested to help her sleep before she gets overstimulated.

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