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Help.... tax credits main carer etc...

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user1479941108 Wed 23-Nov-16 23:01:37

Basically I (mummy) work all week... I don't earn an awful lot and the child tax credits and working tax credits really help with bills, feeding, clothing my little one and the rest of the household... my partner doesn't work not because we agreed he'd be a stay at home dad but because he's a lazy waste of space that has only ever claimed benefits.. (don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to have a child with this person but I don't regret my baby for a second!) Anyway him and his family are saying he should get the tax credits because he's at home with the little one all week... I said but you'd be giving it straight back to me anyway to keep a roof over his head I'm the bill payer. He said no he wouldn't give me any out of it it's his money for looking after him all week. Basically the agreement was for us to both work part time so we both have equal amounts of time at home with little one.. your all mummy's you know how hard it is to return to work after maternity.. let alone full time with overtime to support your family because your baby daddy won't get off his but and help support the family. Why should I work all the hours missing out on time with my son to put the tax credits in his account and me be left with nothing after paying for everything, while he uses it to do what he wants with it. When I get in from work I take over with little one my days off are spent with him I never get a day to myself where as as soon as I'm home he's out with his mates and staying out for the night. Sorry for the long post just wanted outsiders opinions on who's acount the money should go in! Thankyou x

MommaGee Thu 24-Nov-16 23:31:31

Erm, are we just politely avoiding questions about why you're still with him??

OK money - I'd say it goes into yours if you're paying all the bills. Does he get any money to spend on lo if he takes him out? Where does money for his nights out come from?

I'd say work out roughly how much is left over after all the bills are left and split that - generally I'd say 50/50 but in sensing you'd resent it as he sounds like a pillock. So perhaps give him a proportion for his spends plus he gets CB to spend on lo. However I'd keep CB in your name as if (when) you leave, you'll want it in your name

user1479941108 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:23:52

Sorry for the late reply, basically I have always said to him if he wants to take little one out for the day or anything let me know and if we've got the money I'll give it to you, he said he's not doing that... but he asks me if he wants money to go out with his friends?... he can't be trusted with money he got £1200 a couple months ago (injury claim) and blew the lot and refused point blank to help with bills or anything out of it. Gave him £20 a couple of days ago for a shopping trip he was going on with family for the little one he bought him a skateboard... a proper skateboard he's 18months old and won't be able to use it for a long time lol!

MommaGee Sun 27-Nov-16 23:13:39

Seriously, elephant in the room - why are you guys together? You sound like you don't like him

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