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user1479890855 Wed 23-Nov-16 09:00:58

Any advice please.....
My ex has told me that he is going to start the process of applying for a contact order; the first step is to attempt mediation apparently & he has told me that I will receive a letter/call in next couple of weeks inviting me to mediation sessions. The problem is that I cannot afford to go, they are around £130 per hour/session and it could take several sessions to come to an agreement. I do not qualify for legal aid asmy household income is above the threshold. My problem is that if I don't go he will apply for the order & it will go to court & I have been advised that it's better to go through mediation than let it go to court. My ex has been very open & honest about the situation but when I suggest just us sitting down & putting an agreement together he says he'd rather go this route as it's more formal & cant just be changed. I would just like any advice from someone who has been in similar position & maybe has suggestion of a different way to resolve this issue

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