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fun things 2yo and 4yo can do together? girl and boy if that makes a difference!

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Tue 22-Nov-16 11:08:34

My DD is almost two and today my friend and her son who is almost four are popping round.

He doesn't always enjoy playing with my DD for obvious reasons I guess and last time only enjoyed chasing her round being playfully aggressive but also quite loud.

Anyway what can I do to entertain them both? While being able to have a catch up with friend in between interacting with the children?

I was thinking sticking paper all over the table and letting them have crayons although whenever he has been presented with creative games he isn't very interested. And even if so I'm not sure this will occupy them for long! Worth a try anyhow.

Might just have to stick his favorite film on.. he just doesn't enjoy being here for long and his mum doesn't let that have an impact on how long she stays as she will be here for hours. His behaviour used to irritate me but I just think he is bored and I want to make it more enjoyable for him. Especially because he will really act up otherwise.

My posts always end up being far longer than I anticipated! Any tips would be great! Thank you

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