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2 year old, nursery and naps

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SquedgieBeckenheim Mon 21-Nov-16 20:49:05

I've repeatedly asked nursery to stop encouraging naps for DD who is 2.5. She stopped napping at home a few months ago, and it seemed to improve bed times. For a while she also wasn't napping at nursery.
Last few weeks though the naps at nursery appear to have been happening more and more. Nursery don't always tell me she's napped, but I work it out on the basis she is still awake at 9pm! I ask the next day and they confirm she did sleep. So I repeat my request not to encourage it. Then it happens again.
It's now impacting on the rest of the week. She's at nursery Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. So then she gets back in the habit of napping, and going to bed late, meaning she wants naps Thursday. I manage to get her back into routine of no nap and asleep at 7, just in time to go back to nursery.
How can I break out of this cycle! I'm knackered getting literally no time to myself for 3 days because I spend all evening trying to settle her then rush around getting ready for work next day before going to bed. (DH is away so no help!)

GloriousSlug Mon 21-Nov-16 20:52:33

Take it further if the staff in the room aren't listening. Have you told the room leader? If not I would make a point of speaking to them... If you have then I would take it to management. Hopefully staff in the room will listen to your wishes if they get a talking to from the manager!

Could your daughter be tired at nursery and need a nap? Does she do long days? I'm just wondering why they keep on allowing it when you've told them you would rather she didn't nap.

SquedgieBeckenheim Mon 21-Nov-16 21:00:25

It's a very small nursery, The first person I spoke to about it was the manager! I've said if she really really needs a nap just let her have a 30-40 minute power nap but they regularly let her sleep an hour or more. She did get out of the habit of napping there and bed times were a dream! Which is why I don't understand why she's napping there again. She's not poorly or anything.
It was a real breakthrough as she's always been a rubbish sleeper. And now we've gone backwards it's so frustrating. I'm sat outside her room now shushing her, which is making my PGP pain worse (I'm 23 weeks pregnant)

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