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Sleep training gone wrong

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Muminboots1000 Mon 21-Nov-16 13:23:31

My son is 19 months now. Since 12 months he was sleep trained successfully by cry it out. In the past three weeks he has regressed badly. He gets up in the middle of the night and cries as long as it takes for attention. I have shushed him. I have tried the slow method of being in the room and leaving slowly. He wakes half an hour later to scream the place down. I have slept in a sleeping bag next to him to give everyone in the house some sleep for a few nights. Last night he woke up and demanded my pillow! I have job interviews to go to and don't want to appear exhausted and that's why I slept on the floor. Why has he regressed so much? He fights naps in the day but is ready for the evening sleep. I just want to let him cry it out but am worried he's going to do it for the whole night and my toddler daughter shared the room. She'll be tired aswell.

splendide Mon 21-Nov-16 15:49:47

Mine had a weird regression at about 23 months which 3 months later we are just coming out of. It all seemed to stem from one night where out of nowhere he had a terrible terrible upset at bedtime. I think maybe he had a headache or something. Had to hold him until he passed out asleep and then we had awful nights. He went from being left happily awake in his cot to go to sleep on his own to being terrified of his bed, it was horrible.

Not sure I can really help though as I have never left him to cry - I just stayed with him (well me or DH, we took it in turns) and he seems to be happier now. Still sitting in his room for ages though as he goes to sleep it's maddening.

Muminboots1000 Mon 21-Nov-16 17:00:51

Thanks. I feel better. It'll take time. He's my only son so I have given in to him. Does your little one sleep through now?

Muminboots1000 Mon 21-Nov-16 17:08:48

After my usual routine, I begin by putting him down. I then go over to my daughter give her a cuddle and kiss. I then pretend to tidy up the room. I say shh if I see him getting up. That usually works. I carry on until I get behind his cot. I hide behind it so can't see me, but I can tell if he gets up. I say shh if I notice movements. Then I slowly move out if I hear heavy breathing. He usually either sleeps the whole night or gets up at two in the morning. That's when I struggle. I try the same thing as before but he gets up again after about half an hour. This is the new routine. The old one was put him down and he sleeps the whole night until 5.

splendide Mon 21-Nov-16 17:09:07

He does! Gets up a bit early sometimes but is back to sleeping through now thank goodness. Planning to try to get back to leaving him to go to sleep on his own soon. I've already got to the point where I sit the other side of the room rather than (which we were doing at the peak of the regression) lying on the floor by his cot rubbing his back and singing!

LittleBee23 Mon 21-Nov-16 23:20:19

My dd1 started waking at just over 2 after sleeping through no problem for months. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and it was killing me. She gradually did come out of it on her own but she started having night terrors which didn't help. Is he waking up really distressed?
Dd2 is now ages with your son and she's never slept through the night 😩 We had to put her in a bed at 15 months as she kept climbing out the cot and now she just comes into our bed during the night and usually neither of us wakes up and we find her in the morning lol. No idea how to tackle that one as she doesn't really understand that she has to stay in bed yet 😳🔫

Muminboots1000 Mon 21-Nov-16 23:49:27

His sleep breaks and he's waking out of habit. Ds is tall for his age so I'm just waiting for him to learn that trick. He even chucks his beaker and doll (yes, doll) out so I have to give it to him. Otherwise he cries for them. I've marched my other kids back to bed if they come in to our bed. So it should be ok. Ds is stubborn whilst my dds would just accept it. He's very strong willed. He has cried for over an hour last week. He's not distressed. He just likes to get his own way. I hope your little one is sleeping. I remember having baby and a young child to deal with at night.

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