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Anyone have a chicco next to me crib?

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imcrackersme Sun 20-Nov-16 10:12:31

I'm looking at getting the chicco next to me crib for my second. Anyway how stable is it when just being used as a crib and not a Co sleeper? I was doing a wobble test in mothercare yesterday and it seemed quite shakey which is worrying as I'm scared my toddler could pull it over. Anyone have any other recommendations?

Ohhhhbother Sun 20-Nov-16 10:15:37

No idea about the chicco crib but if you decide to get a different one the snuzpod is brilliant very sturdy and easy to put together.

passingthrough1 Sun 20-Nov-16 10:47:18

Yeah we've stopped using as a co sleeper and I find it sturdy. I don't love it though but maybe because my baby never settled anywhere really and now he sometimes does he's getting too big. I wonder if we should just have had a Moses basket.

DomesticAnarchist Sun 20-Nov-16 10:52:12

I second the Snuzpod. Bought for DS2, still using it at 7.5 months (he's 80th centile too). It solid as a standalone. Mattress goes higher than the chicco which was the main selling point for us.

pastabest Sun 20-Nov-16 10:52:23

I'm looking at getting one too. My understanding was that it has Velcro straps to attach it to the bed?

CleverQuacks Sun 20-Nov-16 11:05:32

We had one and loved it. It is stable as a stand alone, although we mainly used it as a co sleeper.

Clickncollect Sun 20-Nov-16 11:13:31

We bought a Graco Petite Bassinet travel cot for around £60 and our baby is still in it at 5 months with a sleepyhead fitting perfectly into it. It felt like a more affordable alternative to the snuzpods and next2me. I know it's not a co sleeper and the side doesn't come down but the Bassinet piece means the baby is high up so easy to lean over and pop dummies back in/soothe and not a big deal to pick him up out of. Plus it is a travel cot aswell!

imcrackersme Sun 20-Nov-16 11:14:07

Thanks I will look at the snuzpod. I'm undecided as I want something that'll last a while as i don't want ti move my 1st out the cot yet. I never uses a Co sleeper last time so spending that much on teh chicco crib is alot. I more want the size as I want to put a sleepyhead in it. During the day I plan to have it in the living room so it will be moved around.

Summersun83 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:08:13

Loved ours and used the straps to attach to the our bed as well when used as a side sleeping crib

CleverQuacks Sun 20-Nov-16 19:58:14

It's not great to move round cos you will have to keep strapping it on and off the bed, it's possible but will be a bit of a pain.

HappyInL0nd0n Sun 20-Nov-16 20:19:41

Loved ours. For the first 3 months, we used it as a side crib, then our little girl was an early roller,so we had to put the side up and use it as a stand alone crib. Found it very stable.

Also, it disassembles very easily. We brought it with us for a long trip over the summer, and it was really easy to put up and down quickly. So, a great buy - we were really happy with it.

mimiholls Mon 21-Nov-16 10:09:28

We have the chicco next to me and have found it sturdy. We do exactly the same and use a sleepyhead inside it which fits perfectly and she loves it. If you're not attaching to a bed it is easy to move around and also very easy to collapse and put up again to transport if you are going anywhere.

Colabottle10 Tue 22-Nov-16 20:34:44

Another vote for the Snuzpod with a sleepyhead in it. It's next to my bed now, I don't attach it. Very sturdy, love it.

FATEdestiny Tue 22-Nov-16 21:12:17

You could just take one side off a full sized cot and wedge it up to your bed.

Nottalotta Tue 22-Nov-16 21:19:37

I looked at the snuzpod and Chicco last week. The snuzpod is tiny!!? Very narrow. The Chicco is wider but I still can't see Dc2 being in it for long enough to make it worth the money. Ds was too big for his moses basket by about 8 weeks.

I am going to go for a normal cot with the side off as Fate shows above.

DomesticAnarchist Tue 22-Nov-16 22:10:56

Nottalotta, a baby doesn't need that much room! Think of it relative to the side of a standard double bed.

My DS is still in the Snuzpod at nearly 8 months and 80th centile. (Although if he gets any longer or starts sleeping any straighter we'll have to move him!)

If we could fit a standard or space saver cot in here that would have been a good option too. But sadly not!

Nottalotta Wed 23-Nov-16 02:18:10

I guess it depends on the baby. Ds was waking himself up bashing the sides and end of the moses basket, the snuzpod is not much bigger. He was 9lb 1 at birth and very long.

I can fit a cot in easily so will do that.

OldTownNew Wed 23-Nov-16 04:59:38

I have a next2me for my 5 month old, it was previously used for my toddler until he was about 7 1/2 months. I LOVE it! It's been one of the best buys and I couldn't recommend it enough, both babies have been really easy to settle and it makes life so much easier!

We actually don't strap it to the bed blush it's just pushed right up against it. It's really sturdy and the toddler occasionally rocks it and it's absolutely fine.

Camomila Wed 23-Nov-16 05:54:34

Nottalotta for comparison, my DS was only in his snuzpod for 4 months as he was waking himself bashing the sides.

3luckystars Wed 23-Nov-16 06:02:33

I have one and I love it. Get the cot sheets on ebay because they are expensive. They are called DK glove sheets.

I think it's solid enough. Million times better than a moses basket anyway!
Dd is nearly 5 months and is very big, she will be in it for another while yer.

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Nov-16 08:11:55

a baby doesn't need that much room!

More space certainly doesn't do any harm. So if you have room, why not?

I found the extra space of a full sized cot sidecarred to my bed really useful.

- Plenty of space to cuddle into to settle baby to sleep in the cot.
- Baby can be 'scooters across' from bed into cot whatever baby is lying in the bed, rather than the join between the two being much shorter.
- the ability to have lots of room to sleep with arm around baby (cocoon style, like the sleepyhead) if extra security and comfort is needed.
- the ability to sleep with my head in cot, face to face with baby.
- Then practical stuff like being able to use the bottom of the cot for overnight 'storage'. I would keep a couple of nappies, wipes, muslin squares and spare dummies at the bottom of the cot so they were immediately to hand.

CleverQuacks Wed 23-Nov-16 10:23:21

We tried the cot next to the bed before we got the Chicco and because of the way the base was attached it kept falling out without the forth side on.

Tfoot75 Wed 23-Nov-16 12:02:09

We have the next2me up still, dd2 is 7 months and still has a few cm to spare in it, I think she is tall, not been measured since birth but into 9-12 month clothes for her length anyway. It is fairly sturdy, my 3.5yo was messing around under it this morning - she'd have to deliberately push it quite forcefully to actually tip it I think, the legs are very wide so although it does have some give to it it would be difficult to tip up.

We only have it up as somewhere safe in our room to put her as she's too mobile for our bed, and to pop her in in the early hours if she won't settle in her cot. I wouldn't leave her unattended in it at this age as she could pull herself up at any time and tip it - but any crib would have same problem, they are not designed to be used after 6 months so if you need it beyond that you need a full height cot really.

user1469751309 Thu 24-Nov-16 23:21:08

I had one and got rid the mattress was really really firm and my LO never really settled in it. I love the idea of it though. It also was a pain to move around as it's quite heavy xxx

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