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Breastfeeding weaning success! :)

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Ab87 Sat 19-Nov-16 01:44:18

Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience with mums out there especially those thinking of stopping breastfeeding.

So my 14 month old has been EBF. And I never thought I'd ever see the ens. I always planned to breastfeed til he is aged 2. Anyway im currently 22 weeks pregnant (he will be 18 months when 2nd baby is born!). I decided to wean him because it was exhausting breastfeeding all night mainly being used as a pacifier. And i felt I couldn't go on sleep deprived with painful nipples and breasts as a result.

I tried gradual weaning and not nursing to sleep but neither worked! FYI he fed to sleep and fed in the mornings when he woke. I do miss his cute little feeding face lol but happy I've weaned. He also napped twice a day and theonly way I could put him down for naps would be nursing. However very recently he has fallen asleep for naps with other family members that he is very well attached too.

Anyway last week and 3 months in fact had been too much being up all night so last week friday I had decided to wean. This was after speaking to my cousins who went cold turkey with their 2 year olds. The did it with marmite on their nipples and it worked! They said the first 2 days especially at night it was hard.

As I was exhausted I decided it was the only way for me as gradual weaning didn't work.

Anyway this is my story. Sorry for the long donkey intro! Lol

Saturday morning was our last long feed when we woke up. I kept talking to him and telling him it was the last one. He said mm a few times but I have no idea if he understood lol.

Then all day he spent time with his dad and extended family. I kind of avoided him (and felt sad because I was avoiding him). I put marmite on around late afternoon in case he had wanted a feed when he saw me. But when he did see me those times he didn't. He did whinge but a cuddle seemed to do fine which was unusual. (Also I realise now he wanted feeds if we were usually in our feeding spot which is my bedroom.) My learning point from this is definitely DISTRACTION is what helps eliminate day feeds.

Anyway that evening, I put marmite on and at bedtime he wanted a feed! So i let him taste it and he did!3 times! I thought oh Gawd he likes it! But he just went away and and got off the bed and looked at me, pointed at me and gave a little moan/whinge. It was such a cute face and funny lol

He came back 29 minutes later and again when he tasted the marmite he was off again. Lol Eventually he was tired and neededto sleep. Tasted marmite again and didnt like. I carried him and walked to sleep but he started crying. Because nursing was rhe only way he could sleep. So his dad took over and put him to sleep in 10 minutes by rocking him! That night he woke a few times but this is nothing usual and I was expecting worse! He tasted the marmite and was like nah lol again walking and rocking helped. He cried about 4am and didnt want his dad. Rocking and walking again by me. Next morning he wanted a feed and i reminded him and let his taste marmite nipples lol he accepted this quite easily as he had realised by now it's gone a bit funny. Anyway all day he was fine again with the use of dad, family and distractions. At night he came for a feed but after seeing rhe nipples coated in marmite he smiled. I think he came and tasted and smiled agaon lile this is weird lol

Afterwards i was able to rock him to sleep by walking and singing. That night it a little mre difficult rhan the first because he woke up and cried.
3rd night he didn't ask for feeds but if he came near my chest i reminded him it was yukky. Att nght in his sleep he wanted to feed but when he tasted it again he lost interest.

Day times completely ddid not ask. Anyway its one week now and its been a success. Hes not traumatise or wasnt particularly upset or throwinf tantrums over it.i think he was ready and tbh it was more a sleep association in hindsight.

Oh one day i was tryin to put him to sleep ans by mistake I lied down woth him and i think he thought i was about feed him and got really happy and started giggling! I felt really bad! But he was fine with distractions.

He's even been sick since day 5 with a cold and temp and didnt even ask for it at all.

On his 4th or 5th night he couldnt sleep he struggled without nursing because of rhe sleep association. My husband out his tomy musical starlight show on and within 10 minutes he fell asleep! So I have been using this to help him go to sleep for naps and bedtime and it works like a dream! No more boobing! We just cuddle.

Ps. We co sleep with him in his cot bed (sides down and against my bed). And also I didnt experience engorgement or pain. Maybe my milk was drying up. Anyway will enjoy my 4 months breastfeeding free break!

I think when u wean u just have to expect the worst. Be prepared to deal with the worst and then anything less is like phew! That wasnt too bad! smile

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