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Help me with my 2 year old

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Chrismino Fri 18-Nov-16 03:09:30

I only have 1 day off with the kids and by dinner time I'm begging my husband to come home, I try to do fun activities with them. At half 7 this morning I was trying to draw a road map and stick it together and play cars up and down it but my 2 year old just draws on carpet. At 9am I'm trying to get them dressed to go to park, telling him lets go down slide on swings making it fun but he refuses and runs off screaming I try distract with telly or toys but it doesn't work still at half 10 he was at bottom of stairs screaming if I went near him he would push me away and shut baby gate and just scream so I left him to it and made a den and read books with my 3 year old. Eventually he came out after me coming over lots and offering hugs and we had dinner under our den At dinner time I had to take my 3 yr old to pre school so I had to get him dressed which led in an all mighty kicking me and me grabbing him to get dressed. Brushing teeth is a battle, I have tried diff toothbrushes, an app on my phone, letting him do some and practising on his teddies, etc. He hadn't had a bath in a year just refuses, screamed, but loves swimming, tried everything going, he now decides he loves baths. He doesn't speak at all no mummy or daddy, don't know what I'm doing wrong. Picking my dd up from school get rain coat wellies on lets splash in puddles decides when we're down street he wants to go home I can't pick him up cozy he just flings around so I have to run back with him for buggy and run to school. I'm in tears on my only day off and end up sobbing in kitchen whilst letting him watch peppa coz its the only thing that makes him happy.

MrsA2 Fri 18-Nov-16 06:55:48

Oh gosh, that sounds very tough. I think a lot of that will magically transform once his language develops - but of course that doesn't help you right now.

In our house some things just have to be done despite any tears (baths, clothes on) and other stuff we just pick our battles with. I guess it be worth forcing the getting dressed early in the day so it's over and done with and then you can take them out - life with kids is always less stressful in a park than in your own house! flowers

Applesauce29 Fri 18-Nov-16 07:06:06

If it helps I have similar issues with my 2 yr old, mostly worse since new baby arrived. Have tried everything to brush teeth, and the only thing that works is brute force (and even then can only get a few) - off to the dentist again next week. Mine is especially demanding if inside for too long, hence i try make it out in morning and afternoon to tire him out, tho always bring pushchair in case he has a tantrum and refuses to walk (plus crackers to bribe him into buggy). I find the tantrums are worse if he's tired or hungry or frustrated (can't express himself, or I don't understand what he wants).

Can you not ask your husband to at least get him dressed and teeth brushed in the mornings to make it a bit easier for you to get out?

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