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How to control hyper 4 year old

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sharond101 Thu 17-Nov-16 20:55:47

I have a 4.5 year old ds and an 18 months old dd. Since the nights have drawn in and ds isn't able to go out and play at night and burn off his energy he has been a nightmare to control. He is acting up and hyper. Even Nursery have commented on it. He is pushing, shoving, kicking, answering back, demanding attention, throwing things, climbing on things, disobeying orders, destroying things, getting angry at everything, shouting at me and his Sister, pulling toys off his sister and friends and generally just being a huge handful. He is so bursting with energy it's like he can't help it. He is sitting tonight and his legs are swinging around everywhere banging a wall then hurting his Sister. Last night he threw a bottle (because he had finished with it) into the front of the car whilst I was driving and it almost hit me. He pushed me because I didn't reverse park! He can' seem to hear me saying not to do things and I have no idea how to control him.

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