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Nearly 2yo pinching and biting - help????

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JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Thu 17-Nov-16 13:50:12

So DD is not quite 2 - she'll be 22 months in a few days.

She has gone through stages of being quite 'bite-y' and also of pinching. I thought we had knocked it on the head a few months since, but it's back, and it's really casting a shadow over my time with her. Desperate for some strategies!

Previously I firmly said 'NO biting' and 'NO pinching' when she did so. If she hadn't managed to yet but looked like she was thinking about it, I'd 'remind' her in a gentler voice. With the pinching, I'd gently but firmly hold her hands for a count of 10-15 whilst saying 'no pinching' again. With the biting, if she persisted, I'd put her down in a safe place and walk away/ ignore for a period.

Like I say, that got results - but this week she's doing it again! Only to me. It hurts! And I only have evenings with her as work full-time. Feel like I'm spending the whole time telling her off instead of playing with her and bonding.

Any silver bullets......?

SilverLinings2014 Thu 17-Nov-16 20:50:30

I don't think there's a silver bullet unfortunately. Just consistency of approach. If you are sounding angry/ stern she might do it more for your reasction so maybe try to be more casual about it (not easy if it's painful though!) I would say won't let you bite. If she continues I'd tell her I'll move her away/ put her down if she does it again and follow through. If that upsets her acknowledge she's unhappy and explain why you've done it. If she listens give her lots of positive attention. she will understand and learn what's acceptable if you consistently respond the same way.

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