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Clever ways to display items at baby/toddler sale and how to price them?

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milkyman Thu 17-Nov-16 09:10:30

Any suggestions as doing a sale next week.

Chillyegg Thu 17-Nov-16 09:11:59

Toddler cat walk?😀

Archedbrowse Thu 17-Nov-16 09:23:44

I'm not sure if this is classed as clever, but I definitely buy more from people who have divided things in to sizes, and have brought or hired a rail so you can flick through easily. I rarely buy stuff when there's just a big pile or box of clothes to rummage through.
Could you take a block or box to arrange things on in 2 tiers on the table so everything's nice and visible? Too cluttered a table would put me off as a buyer too, you want to glance at the table and be able to see everything.

(Sorry if that's not what you were after!)

MySuperKidsAreCrazy Thu 17-Nov-16 09:28:34

I'd price them at whatever you're happy to accept-be expected to haggle.

Make sure everything is cleaned/ironed so it looks in the best condition possible.

Make sure any toys and equipment is as clean as possible.

Bright coloured tablecloth if possible-a length of fabric from a haberdashery is fine.

Take change with you and plastic bags.

Be approachable and say hello/weather talk to any prospective customers.

Encourage picking up of items to look at.

If you can get a rail for any clothes I'd use a rail.

Cardboard boxes for books/very small toys or sets of things. So a box of books for example-write the price on the box. A collection of a play set/garage/train track all in a small box each.

Put the tall things at the back of the table and the smaller at the front.

milkyman Thu 17-Nov-16 09:35:54

Some great ideas thank you!

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