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Did you regret ditching dummy?

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golfmonkey Wed 16-Nov-16 08:31:29

I'm torn about whether to ditch the dummy in my just turned 7 month old.

I have 2 dc, 16 months apart, and the 23 month old uses dummy for sleeping only. its been a godsend apart from a few battles when she asks for it in the day and I say no.

The 7 month old is a terrible sleeper, and us us a dummy just for sleeping but often seems to get annoyed with it if I try to use it at night and doesn't seem to get the same level of comfort from it as dc1 did. She self settles with a dummy at bedtime but wakes at least 4 or 5 times. sometimes a quick dummy pop in will work (around 8pm) but otherwise it doesn't seem to help.

I'm torn about whether to try ditching it altogether. On one hand I have no idea how she would go to sleep without it and I couldn't have it as a useful 'parenting tool' when both kids are causing trouble and I need a quick fix to calm them down. On the other hand, it doesnt seem to have the same calming effect on dc2 as it did/does with dc1.

Has anyone decided to get rid of the dummy and regretted it? Could I reintroduce it if needed? If you have 2 dc close in age, am I crazy to consider not using dummies for both kids?

Dc2 can roll and almost crawl and I think her sids risk is now extremely low so that isn't going to sway my decision either way really. Dd1 can keep hers atm, I think she's going to wean herself off them in the next year or so and I'm fine with it.

Thanks for any advice.

Phoenix76 Tue 22-Nov-16 23:43:36

Hello golfmonkey. Only just seen your post and have the same situation. Dd1 seems to think her dummy is part of her anatomy and has a full on melt down if we try to wean her from it. Same as you though, dd2 (8 months) only wants it for sleep and even then not always. She only really likes it if she wakes in the night to settle her so what I'm going to do is only give it when she needs it at night I reckon she'll be off it soon enough and I like/need my sleep. It's funny how they can be so different isn't it?! Anyway, do what you feel us best for them and you and good luck whatever you decide

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