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fruityb Tue 15-Nov-16 07:25:19

My son is 11 weeks old and for about 10 days he was waking at 7, feeding every four hours (so at around half ten to eleven, then three ish, then seven ish) and then falling asleep at 9pm and sleeping through till 7. It was awesome.

However for the last four days he's been waking in the night which he hasn't done for longer than the ten days (he hasn't had a night feed since about 4/5 weeks). I keep reading about routines and how to put them down for naps. If he doesn't want to nap then he won't and I can't make him lol. He tends to nap for forty minutes or so in every cycle in the day.

Is it possible to set a routine like this at this age or should I just roll with it like I have been doing? I really don't understand the whole put them down for a nap thing at this age! He does often nod off in his baby gym but I can't imagine putting him down for a nap. I can tell when he's sleepy but he gets crabby! I can cuddle him to sleep but obviously don't want to get into this habit forever.

Am I right in thinking routine is a way off yet and while he has a vague loose one just to roll with what he's doing for now? We're going to aim for bedtime routine soon and he's awesome in evenings I have to say - very relaxed and sleeps easily. But in the daytime I don't have a routine myself!

Pipsicola Tue 15-Nov-16 08:09:26

I would probably just go with the flow - he's still so little that trying to hard to fit him into a routine is just going to set you up for a fall.

Having said that, starting good habits is always useful - at some point start a loose bedtime (eg bath, book) routine before he naturally would go off to sleep. But please don't get worried about 'creating a rod for your back' by cuddling to sleep etc. He's still so young and as he gets older things will fall into place. To be honest though, he sounds like he's already doing so well for his age with feeding/napping/sleeping, so I think you are already doing an amazing job. Just enjoy it (my 8 month old doesn't sleep through the night ever!)

fruityb Tue 15-Nov-16 08:57:57

Thank you. I know he's still so little in the grand scheme of things and I know he can fall asleep without being cuddled which I am pleased about. I love cuddling him to sleep it's so comforting and I love the closeness. I just don't know how people have a rigid routine - it's like herding cats if you ask me! Plus I enjoy having flexibility in my days and I couldn't bear a friend I used to have who had to be back for such and such a time as her son was due his nap and woe betide we were late!

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