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How to overcome separation anxiety in a 15m old?

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HalloweenBabyDaemon Sun 13-Nov-16 20:22:33

Ds hit a new phase in his separation anxiety (which started at 1 minute old in my opinion). I am the only person who can calm him down when he wakes up screaming. We want him to sleep through the night (ha!) but it's very difficult when it's always me who has to get up to calm him down on top of his everyday's clinginess. When his dad goes to him ds will scream on top of his lungs for as long as he can (trust me, it is LONG).

I have enough of this. His neediness, clinginess and exclusiveness has been sufficating me for well over a year now and I just want to know that I can leave the house during nap or bedtime if I wish!

Any useful and tried tips on how to make him warm up to daddy at night?

myfirstbaba Mon 14-Nov-16 09:54:14

Does his dad put him to bed at night? Maybe that's worth a try as it will be him he's seeing last

HalloweenBabyDaemon Mon 14-Nov-16 16:58:40

Hello myfirstbaba, he tried but gave up after an hour of blood-curling screaming. When we attempted to put ds to bed together he screamed as soon as dh took him in his arms/put his hand on him when I removed mine. Even in total darkness ds knows who put his hand on his head/back. It's madness...

myfirstbaba Wed 16-Nov-16 12:37:16

He just loves his mummy. grinsorry I have no other suggestions but hope you get it sorted soon. My 4month is quite similar but I'm getting partner to do mote at night whilst he's still young x

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