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Poorly 7 week old?

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Flowers133 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:02:59

My Lo is usually a bit distressed in one way or another. She had bad colic from 2-5 weeks, we ended up switching from breast to bottle for a number of reasons and she has calmed down a lot since doing that.
She has issues drinking though, more often than not, her drinking makes her strain to poo which appears to be uncomfortable and can stop her feed.
Anyway, early hours she had a nice feed but then rather suddenly brought it all back up through her mouth and nose! This clearly frightened her and she screamed at the time poor thing, she's just fed now and after winding did a small burp, then a brought everything back up again with a belch! Nothing seems to be soothing her, she's not non stop screaming or anything but she seems is very wingy and won't really settle to sleep, anyone think she could be catching a bug or something? Just looking for some opinions really! Thank you x

HeCantBeSerious Sun 13-Nov-16 12:10:46

Are you feeding her too much or not burping her enough?

8 week development leap/growth spurt on the horizon which can make them tetchy.

Flowers133 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:22:12

I don't think so, we feed on demand and since she's awake more now I do offer the bottle more when she's mouthing, but if she's not interested I never force her, I just leave it until she decides she's ready.
She did have issues with bringing up wind, at first she wouldn't wind at all, so I make sure I wind well and if I don't get anything, keep her sat upright and try again after a few minutes, she usually brings up one or two good burps but she's not usually very sicky x

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