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A reassuring story: if you're worried about getting rid of the dummy (3.11yo)

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BotBotticelli Sat 12-Nov-16 22:58:31

My ds1 is 3.11yo and until this week has had a dummy to go to sleep every night of his life since he was 4 days old.

As a baby and young toddler he pretty much had the dummy in his mouth all day and all night. It really helped during teething. Then around 16mo when he started talking we limited it to nap times and bed time only.

Then this week, 4 weeks before his 4th birthday, he calls me back upstairs aft r I put him to bed and just says: "mummy, I don't want this numnee [his little name for it] anymore", hands it to me, rolls over and goes to sleep!!!!

He's not asked for it since. So proud of my little man and so glad we ignored all the disapproving family looks when they babysat him aged 3 and realised he still had it at nighttime.

I am so pleased we let him reach the point of not needing that comfort by himself.

He seems so grown up all of a sudden and I am so proud of him. Sniff!

I wish someone could have told me a story like this a year ago, when he was about to turn 3 and I got my knickers in a right twist about him still having a dummy st night.

So hope this story reassures somebody out there!

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