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Conflicting Parenting Styles

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ChattyLinzi Sat 12-Nov-16 22:23:41

I'm a single parent of a two year lb. I had him when I was 21 and I split from my partner when I was pregnant. My mum is a great help with my son and she has done everything to support me. When I had my lb I used her for guidance and copied her parenting style and I was happy because I had no experience with children myself. Now he's a bit older there's ways that I want to parent and she's not supportive and thinks it's not the right way because her style is different. I understand her disagreement to some of my decisions but she forgets that there's her, my dad and my brother are there when they're babysitting and something's she does e.g cuddling him in until he's sleeping, isn't practical for me because I am on my own and would much prefer my son going to sleep awake. How do I explain to her without being rude that he's my child and I'll raise him the way I want to? And without saying he can't stay anymore be sure that she is adopting my parenting skills when she's watching him? Any help is welcomed! TIA hmm xx

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