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I have 2 parenting dilemmas I need help with

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JenLindleyShitMom Fri 11-Nov-16 19:26:13

1) DS2 (7) found his and Ds1's santa presents last night and showed them to DS1(11). DS1 told me this morning. (DS2 doesn't know that I know) DS1 knows there is no santa but DS2 still believes. He now thinks everything he saw will be coming from me at Xmas plus more from santa. I don't actually buy them Xmas presents from me. I get them a pair of PJs, a choc santa, a Xmas book and A Xmas DVD for us to watch on Xmas eve. So, do I send everything back to Amazon and go back to the drawing board to work out what to buy them or do I give them these presents from me and then find something else to come from santa?

Dilemma 2) DS2 has some sensory issues (undergoing several different assessments) and refuses to take his PJs off in the morning before putting his school uniform on. TBH after the first time of trying to persuade him I just leave him to it now. He is happy, no-one cries, it's all good. But it has dawned on me that this could become a tool for bullying when he is older. It's looking likely that he has ADHD and possibly mild autism, he has other issues too and is already experiencing some low level bullying from some in his class. So far nothing has been mentioned about the PJs but I know as he gets older that teens can be cruel and I worry some of the kids that remember him wearing his PJs to school will use it to make fun of him. Am I over thinking this? I was bullied and very isolated in school so maybe over cautious.

Gardencentregroupie Sat 12-Nov-16 11:33:10

1. DS1 or you tells DS2 that they are Santa presents, as Santa temporarily ran out of room he stored them at yours. He has room now so they've gone (hide presents better). Change one up if you think he needs a surprise

2. Presumably his pjs are softer and more comfortable than his uniform, no scratchy labels. Could you buy some plain cotton tshirts with no label to wear in place of his pyjama top at least, if it looks like it's going to be an issue? Wash them loads before starting so they're nice and soft. Bottoms I don't know sorry.

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