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Older sib, b/g twins, and "the one left out"

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jayisforjessica Thu 10-Nov-16 12:28:32

I've been reading a few things about only children vs. larger families, and the pros and cons of each. It's all academic for us. I have one DS, he's twelve. I'm pregnant with b/g twins.

So DS has been an only child this long, and he's about to become the oldest of three. He's not only fine with it, he's thrilled to pieces! So that's not why I'm posting. I'm curious about what I've read some people saying about one sibling inevitably being "left out" when there's an odd number. I've been sat here trying to envision my little family when the twins are a little older, wondering if DD will be the one left out because she'll be the only girl, or if DS1 will be left out because the other two are twins and so much younger than he is.

I'm inclined to think it will be the latter, however there's also the "ew ick girls!" factor meaning I'm wondering how close b/g twins really are? So I guess that's the real question here: people with b/g twins, how close are they really? Are they as insular as popular media leads us to believe ID twins are? Or is there a chance the other scenario will take place, where my boys will be closer than my twins simply because of the gender thing?

This post brought to you by the letter G, for "go to sleep you little wretches, stop kicking me, don't make come in there!"

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